Greensboro Trail

The primary purpose of the US JCI Senate is to build and promote fellowship among Senators. As US JCI Senators, we have an opportunity to meet senators from all over the United States and to develop lasting friendships.

Formerly known as the Road Runner program, the Greensboro Trail program encourages visitations to events in other states and regions. National and regional meetings do not qualify.

Senators are encouraged to take photos with the Greensboro Trail wagon logo then submit the photos for selection. Photos must include a minimum of three Senators plus the following information: A) Senators' names and #'s, B) name of the event, and C) date of the event. National Executive Committee Members do not qualify. Bragging rights and your photo featured in the Mentor's magazine will be your award. 

Thanks in advance for your participation!  Happy trails to you!

Jennifer Rebby #75071

Virginia JCI Senate    Celebrating F.U.N.  (Fellowship, Unity, Networking)    2019 – 2020