Virginia JCI Senate    Celebrating F.U.N.  (Fellowship, Unity, Networking)    2019 – 2020

Order Your Commemorative 40 Page Photo Book

The Photo Book has 40 pages of photos and each page is

9 inches tall by 11 inches wide. It contains photos from the

50th anniversary picnic as well as photos from the 40th and 45th anniversary weekends, past Summer Outings, past Mid-Atlantic Institutes, past Martini Mix-Offs, past presidents and more. 

The photo book was unveiled at our Summer Outing and everyone loved it. Order yours today.

If you want to order a photo book, you can pay by check or use the PayPal button on this page to order a book. The cost for each photo book is now $40. A small PayPal service charge will be added if using PayPal.

If paying by check, please send your check to Sharon Showalter.

818 N Danville St ,Arlington VA 22201

Please email Anne Johnson and Sharon Showalter to tell them you have ordered a photo book. and

Number of Photo Books