5 points – providing a viable lead for a new senator
5 points – Virginia events **5 points – Participate in the Hospitality village
10 points –  participating in a class to understand present day Jaycee requirements or become a trainer.
10 points – providing a completed new senator package
5 points – Other states events **

5 points – Submit a newsletter article or picture**

** See guidelines below.

10 points –  participate in a project to train Jaycees or extend a chapter.
5 points – recruiting a “lost senator” to become active*.
*** Must clear this with President Betty before contacting a “lost senator.”
10 points – National events**

​10 points – submit return the favor hours

5 points – escorting a first timer at a Virginia Jaycees meeting
**Must have photographic evidence you were there.
10 points – Go above and beyond the call of duty to help out in an emergency( defined by President Betty)

​​Graduation Rank

Your graduation rank will be based completing the following activities


  • All newsletter articles must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document attachment.
  • Articles will NOT be accepted as “text embedded in an email.” This is a hard and fast rule that will only be relaxed on a case‐by‐case basis. Submit newsletter articles to Dawana at
  • Photos and graphics are encouraged and welcome. Submission does not guarantee inclusion in the newsletter. The reason for not guaranteeing all submissions is that each newsletter must be an even number of pages (printing and mailing requirements). Dawana works to include all submitted articles, but the final decision rests with the President on what may need to be excluded.
  • Provide the names of individuals in each photo and a caption, date or other pertinent information to help in photo placement in the newsletter.
  • If you want photos to be included in the newsletter, they must be received by the article deadline. Photos received after the newsletter drafting has begun will not be accepted.
Virginia JCI Senate    Celebrating F.U.N.  (Fellowship, Unity, Networking)    2019 – 2020