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The Arlington Jaycees, together with the Virginia Jaycees Foundation and the Virginia JCI Senate, have established the “Skip Hilton Memorial Scholarship Fund.” The purpose of the Scholarship Fund is to provide college scholarships each year in memory of Vernon “Skip” Hilton, U.S. JCI Senator #72682, who passed away in January 2020. 

Our first fundraiser - “Virtual Bingo” - was held on Saturday, September 19, 2020. It was a tremendous success. Thank you to everyone who participated and contributed.

Skip’s tireless efforts to further the Jaycee movement and to improve the community and world around him resulted in numerous successful fundraising projects for three separate chapters, including the Arlington Jaycees, as well as making countless improvements to the facilities at Camp Virginia Jaycee and making a lifetime of friendships.  The Scholarship Fund will honor Skip’s memory by providing a scholarship to two deserving graduating high school seniors from Virginia who demonstrate the same passion for learning and for improving their community that was exemplified by Skip’s Jaycee career and his whole approach to life. 

The two scholarship recipients will be chosen each year by the Virginia JCI Senate Scholarship Committee through their annual application process.  The Committee will also submit the same two applications to the U.S. JCI Senate Foundationnational scholarship program for consideration.  The Fund will be managed by the Virginia Jaycees Foundation, a 501(C)(3) Corporation established to support the Community Development efforts of chapters that make up the Virginia Jaycees.  As such, it is able to accept donations that are considered charitable contributions. For more scholarship information, visit the Virginia JCI Senate Scholarship Program web page.

All donations to the Scholarship Fund made by check should be made payable to the Virginia Jaycees Foundation with “Skip Hilton Fund” in the memo line.  You can also donate using PayPal by using the link at the top of the page. Please consider donating to this worthy cause!

Skip Hilton Fund
c/o Paul and Sharon Showalter
818 North Danville Street
Arlington, Virginia 22201

Skip Hilton Memorial Scholarship Fund