Virginia JCI Senate                    Join the Journey  2021 – 2022

We believe:

That faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life;
That the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations;
That economic justice can best be won by free men through free enterprise;
That government should be of laws rather than of men;
That earth s great treasure lies in human personality;
And that service to humanity is the best work of life.

C.W. Brownfield​

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We are here to help the Jaycees. This list details a majority of our recent initiatives that we have participated in.

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August 20-22, 2021

Richmond, VA

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  • Monthly Zoom Meeting

​August 2021


  • Mentoring
  • Manpower at events
  • Raising money to support Camp Virginia Jaycee
  • Training Jaycees to excel in statewide and national competitions
  • Fellowship with our fellow Senators from around the country/world.

Welcome to Virginia JCI Senate!

You know, as Jaycees, when we recited the Jaycee creed, we committed ourselves to a common set of values that tied us together.  For many of us, the most powerful line was that last one: “Service to humanity is the best work of life!”  As JCI Senators, we continue to pledge to that creed, remembering all the good that we did as Jaycees for our communities and all the fun we had, and we commit to continuing to uphold that creed. 

Being a Senator isn’t so much a status as it is a journey, and I recognize that we all go through our ups and downs with different priorities in our lives – certainly, that’s been my experience, even with the Senate.  I hope that, wherever you are in your journey as a Senator, that you believe in the value of the Senate and the value of your support as a Senator.  

By staying involved with the Senate, you are actively supporting, and keeping alive, the legacy of the Jaycee organization, which has meant so much to all of us.  You are also reaffirming that the Jaycee Creed still matters, that service to humanity still matters.  

So I invite you, whether you're a Senator who attends every event or a Senator who hasn't been to any event since you were presented with your Senatorship, join me on the journey this year.  Check out our website, see what events are coming up, join our Facebook group (@Virginia JCI Senate), get on our newsletter email list if you're not already on it, and reach out to say hello.  The door is always open for you. 

Warmest Regards,

Lillian Cheng, #72962
President, 2021-22 VA JCI Senate